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Resources for You and Your Family

These are resources that may be helpful to you as you are starting and continuing your therapeutic journey with your child and your family.

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Two Sides of the Spectrum podcast

A podcast hosted by Meg Proctor, OTR/L, focused on research, amplifying Autistic voices, and changing the way we think about Autism

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SOS Approach to Feeding

A systematic Feeding Therapy Program based in play, sensory exploration, and desensitization with resources for parents as well as information and strategies to improve feeding and eating skills

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Autism Level Up

A company and program that seeks to provide recommendations and supports that empower Autistic individuals to navigate their days

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Ask Me, I'm Autistic Facebook group

An open environment where Autistic individuals share their answers to questions and their voices and perspectives are amplified

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Rachel Dorsey,

Autistic SLP

Rachel Dorsey is an Autistic SLP who shares her own neurodivergent voice and provides perspectives into the world of neurodiversity-affirming speech therapy

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Responsive Feeding Pro

Responsive Feeding Therapy facilitates the (re)discovery of internal cues, curiosity, and motivation, while building skills and confidence. It is flexible, prioritizes the feeding relationship, and respects and develops autonomy.

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