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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy works with your child to address difficulties and differences with receptive language (understanding), expressive language (saying words/sentences), articulation and phonological disorders (saying sounds correctly), auditory processing, executive functioning, stuttering, and social skills. Additionally, speech therapy can assist with implementation and learning an augmentative and alternative communication system, such as a speech generating device. 

Feeding Therapy

Does your child have difficulty eating or gaining weight? Transitioning from bottle or baby foods to solid foods? Do they cough or frequently gag when they eat? Is their diet significantly limited? Feeding therapy may help determine the reason why they are having difficulty. We will work as a team with you and your child to increase interactions with foods, improve oral-motor skills, ensure safe swallowing and eating, and overall, enhance your child's relationship with food and meal times. 

Reading Therapy 

We work with individuals with a variety of literacy-based disorders, including dyslexia. If reading and writing are difficult and the traditional means of teaching have proven unsuccessful, a direct, explicit, structured, and mulitsensory approach to literacy may be helpful. These methods include all the senses in order to teach phonemic awareness, reading and spelling rules, and allow for increased carryover and understanding and expression of written language.

Areas of Service

Durham and surrounding areas, including:

Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Bahama, Rougemont, Butner, Creedmoor, Falls Lake area, Gorman, and more!

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Offering Teletherapy

Innovative Triangle Therapies offers teletherapy services to individuals across North Carolina. If in-person services aren't a good option for your family at this time due to COVID-19 or distance, contact us to determine if teletherapy is appropriate for you.


P.O. Box 51503

Durham, NC 27707


Fax: (919)910-5537

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