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We have put together a list of the most common questions that our team hears. If you have a question that has not been answered here, please give us a call or contact us via the online form below and we will get back to you!

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What does "Neurodiversity Affirming" mean?

Neurodiversity recognizes that brains and neurology are different. There are many types of neurodivergences, including Autism, Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder, Dyslexia, Developmental Language Disorder, Tourettes Syndrome, and many more. Neurodiversity Affirming therapy works to recognize, respect, and understand differences. It works to understand differences on the level of both the Neurotypical and the Neurodiverse individual and aid with daily functioning in supportive ways and with a strengths-based approach.

How long will therapy sessions last?

Session length will depend on your individual child's needs. Typically, sessions will last either 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 1 hour.

Do you accept insurance?

Innovative Triangle Therapies does not currently accept insurance. We currently function on a sliding scale and are willing to work with you and your family to find a cost that works for you. Additionally, we can provide you with a detailed invoice for services that you can submit to your insurance for possible reimbursement. Payments are accepted via credit card, cash, or check. Please contact to learn more about the fee schedule for evaluation and treatment.

Marissa is an NCSEAA Approved Provider.

How can I best prepare for my child's evaluation?

We will send a developmental history form via email prior to your child's evaluation date. Please take the time to fill this out and submit it to the portal at least 24 hours prior to the evaluation time in order to allow the therapist time to prepare the appropriate evaluation materials. Please email or have access to your child's current IEP and any previous therapy discharge notes. Additionally, your therapist may call you ahead of time to discuss your concerns more in depth and find out your child's interests and strengths to prepare for a successful evaluation session.

Do you see adults?

Yes! We have experience working with both adult and pediatric clients. Please feel free to reach out to us regarding your adult speech, language, literacy, or swallowing concerns. 


P.O. Box 51503

Durham, NC 27707


Fax: (919)910-5537

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